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  • Congradulations from CEO

    Dear Colleagues and Partners! Today is Ukraine Independence Day! 24 years ago this remarkable date entered in our history, started a new era in our people’s lives,...

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FESKO merchandising is a leading provider of combined merchandising services in Ukrainian sales networks. Since 2008 it has pioneered and remained in the forefront of the combined merchandising market.  





FESKO merchandising is:

  • 3 600 000 hours of service.
  • 500 projects for over 300 Ukrainian and international companies.
  • 250 employees including our own team of merchandisers in Ukraine.
  • 5 000 points of sale.
  • 150 cities covered.
  • 4 offices in Odessa, Lvov, Kharkov and Kiev.
  • 11 years in the forefront of the Ukrainian merchandising market. 







  • Maintaining a leading position in the combined merchandising market in Ukraine.
  • Shaping the idea of combined merchandising as a means for sales optimization.  







  • Staff.
  • Partnerships.
  • Development.





  • Multifunctional reporting system at www.fesko.com.ua.
  • Hours of work rather than visits to points of sale are offered to our customers.
  • Dedicated Customer Management.
  • Points of sale covered with our own staff of merchandisers.
  • Low rate of staff turnover.
  • Systematic approach.
  • Corporate structure.
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