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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is business organization of FESKO merchandising in harmony with environment; creation of conditions for improving the quality of life of employees and their families and also the society in whole.



Corporate responsibility elements:


  • Code of corporate conduct

       Responsibility to the employees, Customers and Partners.       


  • Social mission "With kindness to every heart!"

       Social responsibility for environmental health.




Code of Conduct


The Code of Conduct is a tool and a code of rules regulating activity of every FESKO merchandising employee in line with corporate business processes.



Values ​​declared by the Code of conduct: 

  • Team of employees.
  • Clients, Partners.
  • Development.



FESKO merchandising Code of Conduct declares the following values:

  • Staff
    Encouragement of personal and professional growth of the employees
    Aspirations to ensure full-time staff stability
    Enhancement of the employees’ welfare


  • Customers, Partners
    Service quality guarantees
    Responsibility for the results achieved
    Individual wok approach
    Prompt reply to requests


  • Development
    Continuous education
    Setting new challenging tasks
    Research and application of new technologies



The Code of Conduct contributes to reputation of FESKO merchandising as a reliable and professional partner.



Social mission "With kindness to every heart!"


«With kindness to every heart!»  is civil initiative of FESKO merchandising, aimed at involvement of Ukrainians to its activities by their engagement into mass projects of social and ecological orientation. 



Project mission:

  • To help the members of society those need support and sympathy.
  • To educate people about a conscious need of nature and society concern.
  • To prove by real actions that we change the environment for the better by our own hands.


Mission "With kindness to every heart!" proposes a charity support to socially vulnerable groups; cleaning and planting of greenery.

Its activities have social orientation, are apolitical and non-profitable.  

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