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  • Congradulations from CEO

    Dear Colleagues and Partners! Today is Ukraine Independence Day! 24 years ago this remarkable date entered in our history, started a new era in our people’s lives,...

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  • [ Акция завершена ]

    Ищете работу мерчендайзера в Киеве? Дарим 500 грн за первые две недели работы!

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FESKO GROUP begins a social mission aimed to help the society and the environment – the project «With kindness to every heart!»


How often do we think about the fact, that we are responsible for those, who are weaker than we are, and take steps to change it? We are so wrapped up in our routine difficulties and joys that we often forget about the world around.


We are happy to inform you that we began a new mission – the project «With kindness to every heart!»

Within the framework of the project «With a good action to every heart! » we will carry out social actions in order to:

  •          Help the members of society that need support and sympathy.
  •          Educate people to respect the environment.


In the course of the project «With kindness to every heart!» we will render reasonable assistance to socially disadvantaged sections of the community, will clean and plant greeneries in the territories of parks, squares and other natural objects.


Our project is void of commercial and political components.

Joinus! Every heart, every voice, every hand are important to us. Only by our own efforts we can make the world better.


Supportus! Exactly your «I AM TOGETHER WITH YOU!» will be a part of the great whole that gives the good to the hearts of those, who need it.

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