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  • Congradulations from CEO

    Dear Colleagues and Partners! Today is Ukraine Independence Day! 24 years ago this remarkable date entered in our history, started a new era in our people’s lives,...

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  • [ Акция завершена ]

    Ищете работу мерчендайзера в Киеве? Дарим 500 грн за первые две недели работы!

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News and reviews about the work of FESKO merchandising.

Up-to-date information about events, projects, Customers and Company employees.  


Merchandising is the service of high demand but not available all the time. Especially at the distant settlements

around the country.


Reasons are different, such as lack of resources, limited budget, great distances, etc.


We have been already occupying the market of merchandising services for 5 years and during this time learnt to satisfy needs of our current, as well as potential clients. Anytime we are ready to offer interesting ways to cooperate.

Thus, 25th March FESKO Distribution launched special offer “Merchandising in hard-to-reach places”. It allows our clients to get merchandising services around the country.

This offer is to be interesting for those who:

  • want to use services of merchandising at distant towns in Ukraine, but there is lack of internal resources
  • wants to reduce expenses for own staff of merchandisers in distant towns
  • wants to use merchandising services at local trade networks
  • wants to test merchandising services for outsourcing
  • wants to examine the quality of our company work


You don’t have to fire Your own staff of merchandisers in order to take this offer. You may just hire us to do unprofitable work and get proper services.

How it works: a client chooses towns to get merchandising services in, pointed at trade stores where, when and how long merchandisers are needed.
Then we are to start working and increasing sales of Your goods.


We are to do work that doesn’t worth doing it Yourself!

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