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News and reviews about the work of FESKO merchandising.

Up-to-date information about events, projects, Customers and Company employees.  


Till 10 to 12 April, in the "Kiev Expoplaza exhibition center" there was held the 19th International exhibition “Prodexpo-2013”

dedicated to manufacturers and suppliers of food and drink products.


The FESKO Distribution certainly took a part in the event as a high-quality provider of sales promotion services in trade stores.


“We offer merchandizing and BTL services distributors and manufacturers. Our prime goal is to increase sales rate of the client’s trade mark, make it recognizable for customers, attract new customers, provide its proper appearance and attractive shelves. Thanks to it we decided to participate demonstrating direct our possibilities”, - Alexey Dutchak, the Executive of FESKO Distribution says.

“We created attractive bright banners with photos of our employees, according to each kind of services and placed on a board two hundred of balloons with our brand on them, as well printed presentations and discount promo leaflets. There worked both our sales manager and the head of BTL department. Holiday animators and the hostess entertained quests showing interactive sketches, handing balloons around, wiping display vitrines and setting trade goods in proper order, as well serving quests round with chocolate with our logotype and offering to have photos for everyone wanted with them”, - says Liubov Chulicheeva, the FESKO Distribution Marketing manager.

“Being not big enough, only 4 m2, our board was the one bright spot that badly attracted attention both participants and quests”, - Marina Chaika, the Head of FESKO BTL department tells. – Banners, balloons, actors and the hostess were incredible and did stick to the memory all right. As to reaction, it differed but almost always provoked interest and excitement J . We dressed the actors in corporative shirts, sewed a wonderful dress for the hostess and handed her a crown. After a couple of hours of the first day everyone knows us well. Actors entertained quests with sketches prepared before, as well as improvisations: they were “saving” trade marks from dying out on a store shelf, making an injection to increase sales, singing “pioneer songs” about merchandizing and fortune-telling with promotional materials, etc. I believe, as a sales promotion company we presented ourselves very well”.

See what else happened and how FESKO team worked in our photo report.

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