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  • Congradulations from CEO

    Dear Colleagues and Partners! Today is Ukraine Independence Day! 24 years ago this remarkable date entered in our history, started a new era in our people’s lives,...

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  • [ Акция завершена ]

    Ищете работу мерчендайзера в Киеве? Дарим 500 грн за первые две недели работы!

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As part of the international exhibition WorldFood Ukraine-2013, the seminar "How to conquer, save and rule the customer loyalty"

is to be held on 31 October.


FESKO Distribution is the special profile partner of this event.

Alexey Dutchak, the chief executive, is going to deliver a report "Merchandising & Loyalty: customer position"

Loyalty is the necessary component for successful brand. To achieve it there are numerous ways, from e-mails to loyalty programs.

Merchandising is one of the marketing implements, thanks to which it's possible to highly increase customer loyalty toward any brand.

Visit the seminar to know how it works and how to use it better.

Look forward to see You at the seminar!

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