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full-time employees


The staff is a core value of FESKO merchandising. 



staff turnover


Low rates of staff turnover provide for:

  • high quality of services;
  • deep knowledge of the product features;
  • knowledge of specific nature of the points of sale.




working over 6 months






Staff management at FESKO merchandising:

  • A system of balanced corporate indices:

      evaluation of business efficiency based on the indices linking strategy to operational activity.

  • A system of staff selection and adjustment:

      standard interviews to fill in the openings in the Company and an action plan for new employees.

  • A system of career development evaluation:

      estimating fitness of an employee to a certain position, defining the need of additional training and promotion.

  • Staff analysis:

      number, rate of turnover, reasons of dismissal.

  • Monitoring of wages:

      provision of competitive wages.

  • Motivation system:

      evaluation of the contribution of every employee to the general result achieved by the Company.

  • Corporate culture :

      Code of Conduct, social competitions, corporate events, financial aid fund, contests, etc.

  • Social policy:

      a fund of financial aid for employees, hotlines. 





Our staff management system contributes to achievement of the key FESKO merchandising objective, i.e. growth and development of every employee, as well as the entire Company.

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