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FESKO merchandising services


  • Dealing with product leftovers.
  • Display of the products on the shelves according to the Network’s/Customer’s planogram.
  • Adherence to the unified display standards.
  • Control of availability of the approved goods volumes on shelves.
  • Product rotation.
  • Display of products in additional spots (upon agreement with the Network).
  • Control of the marketable condition of the product.
  • Ensuring cleanliness and integrity of the retail equipment.
  • Placement of price tags and control of their availability.
  • Real time reporting.


Additional services*

  • Recommendations of the POS administrator as for product orders.
  • Coordination of returns.
  • Monitoring of the prices and competitors’ activity.
  • Decorating the products with POS materials.
  • Photo reports.
  • Product cutting, etc.


* to be additionally approved.




Include:   Relieve you from the need to:
  • independent selection and training of staff according to the Customer’s requirements;
  • management of staff in the points of sale;
  • prompt reply to the Customer’s complaints and preferences;
  • work quality control;
  • legal and social responsibility for the staff;
  • execution of financial documents.
  • increase your own staff;
  • spend funds on search, hire and training of staff;
  • spend funds on operation of HR and accounting departments;
  • spend time on coordination of business processes, reporting and control.



Control of a merchandisier's work

Control of a merchandisier's work have the hierarchical system: project manager, regional manager and supervisor.

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