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Combined merchandising is a method stipulating that only one merchandiser displays products of several non-competing brands in a single point of sale.




Benefits of the combined merchandising

  • Full-time presence of a merchandiser in the sales area:
    timely replenishment of products on the shelves.
  • Knowledge of the specifics of a certain point:
    taking into account specific features of the point of sale.
  • Smooth communication with the administration of the point of sale:
    prompt solution of administrative issues.
  • Optimization of service costs:
    allocation of costs between project participants.
  • Reduced expenses:
    no funds spent on the merchandiser’s transportation between the points of sale.
  • High quality of services:
    strict compliance with rules and deadlines.
  • Regulation of the volume of the services provided:
    taking into account seasonal and regional factors, as well as specific features of the point of sale.



Exlusive merchandising

In case exclusive team services are needed, FESKO merchandising can provide exclusive merchandising:

i.e. a team of merchandisers will work with only one product of the Customer (while the number of Customer’s brands is not limited).

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