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  • Congradulations from CEO

    Dear Colleagues and Partners! Today is Ukraine Independence Day! 24 years ago this remarkable date entered in our history, started a new era in our people’s lives,...

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  • Дарим 500 грн за работу!

    Ищете работу мерчендайзера в Киеве? Дарим 500 грн за первые две недели работы!

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In details



National coverage



A special reporting system at www.fesko.com.ua enables:


  • Making amendments 
    to project realization
  • Prompt project control
  • Setting new project goals







Reporting system capabilities:

For the Customer:


           For FESKO merchandising:
  • To arrange interim evaluation of the project implementation.
  • To control timeliness and quality of the works.
  • To review photo reports.
  • To make updated corrections regarding every visit and every point of sale within the project.
  • To analyze and control compliance of project implementation with the goals set by the Customer.
  • To coordinate project realization in real time.
  • To promptly introduce amendments of the Customer to the project realization process.



You can enter our corporate reporting portal by clicking “LOG IN” on top of the website pages.

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